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GNOME Sudoku 0.5.0 released!

0.5.0 is a long overdue release. This fixes a number of outstanding bugs. More importantly, we introduce the much-requested notes feature (available as an option in the "View" menu) to let users type their own notes into sudoku squares. Automatic resizing of squares has also been improved, as well as various other UI hiccups which have been ironed out. Finally, we introduce many more translations. Some bugfixes and improvements in the i18n setup were made last minute, so poor or incomplete translation is largely my (dev)'s fault and not the fault of translators -- this can be fixed by adding to the translations at the rosetta page here:

Posted by tom 2006-06-18

GNOME Sudoku 0.4.0 has been released

GNOME Sudoku is a puzzle-player and generator for the popular Japanese number puzzle Sudoku. GNOME Sudoku 0.4.0 improves the look and feel of the program: the auto-resizing of the grid as the window resizes has improved; the menus have been better organized; and keyboard navigation has improved. In addition, there have also been some improvements to the packaging.

Posted by tom 2005-12-04

GNOME Sudoku 0.3.4 Released!

GNOME Sudoku 0.3.4 has been released. 0.3.4 fixes some longstanding bugs, creates platform-independent debian packages and a source tarball which should work "out of the box" for pretty much everyone. GNOME Sudoku 0.3.4 also changes how "autofill" options work, providing a more useful "fill" button (Control-F) which fills in the current square, and keeping the old "Fill" as "Fill all squares" in the menu (this advances the game a step in the simple solving algorithms in every possible way). Note that this is a step toward possibly removing the old "autofill" altogether, so speak up if you like that feature.

Posted by tom 2005-12-02

GNOME Sudoku 0.3.2 released

GNOME Sudoku 0.3.2 has been released. GNOME Sudoku is a player and generator for the popular sudoku puzzle game, which generates symmetrical, unique puzzles and rates puzzles according to difficulty. Version 0.3.2 fixes a minor bug causing a problem when showing high scores and makes the installer complain more helpfully when requirements aren't met.

Posted by tom 2005-09-01

GNOME Sudoku 0.3 released

GNOME Sudoku 0.3 has been released. GNOME Sudoku is a sudoku player and generator written in pygtk. GNOME Sudoku generates unique, symmetrical puzzles and ranks them according to difficulty, allowing you to choose your level of play. Special features include high scores, infinite undo, and automatic saving of all games you play, ever. Version 0.3 introduces a function to print multiple sudokus at a time (so that you can, for example, print 20 sudokus of increasing difficulty to give to a friend) and gives the user an interface to the generator so they can custom generate as many sudoku as they like (previous versions simply generated sudoku automatically when you were running low -- we still do this, but now give you the option of having more control if you like).

Posted by tom 2005-08-16

GNOME Sudoku 0.2 Released!

GNOME Sudoku 0.2 has been released. GNOME Sudoku generates new, unique, symmetrical sudoku puzzles and helps you play them. GNOME Sudoku remembers all games you've ever played, keeps track of high scores, and rates the difficulty of puzzles it generates (allowing you to pick harder puzzles as you get better). Version 0.2 supports printing puzzles and dramatically improves the speed of puzzle generation.

Posted by tom 2005-07-24

GNOME Sudoku 0.1 Released! (Initial release!)

GNOME Sudoku's first release is out! GNOME Sudoku is a puzzle generator and player for the popular Sudoku puzzle game intended to be played on the GNOME Desktop. Written in PyGTK, version 0.1 provides a basic interface to play puzzles of varying levels and generate new puzzles (you can also input puzzles by hand from other sources). All generated puzzles are symmetrical and have unique solutions. 0.1 supports basic game play with infinite undo and a memory of all puzzles you've ever played and won (or played and abandoned). 0.1 also rates puzzles based on their difficulty and keeps a high scores based on difficulty and speed of solving.

Posted by tom 2005-07-15

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