Cant visualize subtitles

  • donmatas

    donmatas - 2011-03-09


    I was creating subtitles for a video. When I open the .srt file I realize that I cannot visualize (on the preview) the subtitles that I am creating.
    I do not know what happened, becouse I have used several times this program without any problem.

  • Pedro Castro

    Pedro Castro - 2011-03-19


    Are you able to reproduce this error? Or did it just happen once?


  • marcos81

    marcos81 - 2013-02-03

    I have the same problem. I visualized the subtitles (srt) ok, and worked with them, but after save it; i cant see it anymore on the preview. I do can see them if i play the movie, but not on the preview in gnome subtitles. I have linux mint 13 64 bits.

  • Pedro Castro

    Pedro Castro - 2013-02-04


    Can you identify the steps necessary for me to reproduce this error?
    Saving the subtitles should have no impact on the video, so that's a very strange behavior.


  • marcos81

    marcos81 - 2013-02-04

    Hi!, thanks for respond.

    Yes, I can.

    Open a subtitle .srt, and his video on gnome subtitles.

    Create several points to sincronize, about 20. After each point creation apply the changes to "all subtitles" (that's an option in sincronize menu).

    Move all the subtitles to a different time with shift and + / - …

    "save as" and choose a name, save it like srt again.

    Close the software, and open it again. Open the subtitle you saved and the original video.

    If you see the subtitles on the preview of the video, try doing another points to sincronize and moving again the time of all the subtitles.

    Reallly? yes! :) That's all I did. In fact, at the same day It worked ok anyway. Next day I opened and could read de subtitles at the bottom but not on the preview.

    I dont know what happened. I saved as srt i am sure.

    BUT! when I downloaded a new subtitles of the same movie (same extension) i could saw the preview again…

  • Pedro Castro

    Pedro Castro - 2013-02-13


    Are you using the latest Gnome Subtitles version (1.2)?
    Also, are you sure the movie is open when load the subtitles the second time? If the video isn't open, all the playback controls (play/pause, forward, etc) will be disabled.



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