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Moving away from SourceForge

Gnome Inform will no longer be distributed on SourceForge. You may have read something lately about SourceForge surreptitiously doctoring some of the projects it hosts with adware, and locking out maintainers' accounts. Although it is unlikely to happen to Gnome Inform, I am discontinuing use of the SourceForge platform.... read more

Posted by Philip Chimento 2015-10-10

6L38 released!

I forgot to post a news item when 6L38 was originally released, but now that we have packages for OpenSUSE (thanks to Vincent Petry) as well as 32-bit packages for Ubuntu (thanks to Kazuki Mishima) it's a good occasion to send out an announcement.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2014-09-29

6L02 has arrived!

After more than three years, there is a new Inform. This one has many new features, such as the Transcript pane that has always been present in the Windows and OS X versions; the Public Library, an app store for Inform extensions; and many stability fixes.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2014-05-08

6F95 has arrived!

6F95 is now available in the download area. Aesthetes will appreciate that the bug with the crooked lines in the Skein has now been fixed after three years, a three-line fix that made it into this release at the last minute. Another bugfix that should be popular is the improvement of elastic tabstops in the editor so that they're not so slow anymore.

Don't forget to visit if you want to report a bug or suggest a feature!

Posted by Philip Chimento 2010-10-29

6E59 for Arch Linux

Arch Linux packages for 32 and 64 bit machines are now available, thanks to Jonathan Liu.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2010-06-26

New release

6E59 has arrived, somewhat late thanks to some computer troubles. Thanks for waiting, I'm sure it will be worth it! Packages for Fedora 13 and Ubuntu 10.04 are available, and of course the source code.

Be sure to visit for the news on all the new features, and check out the new bug tracker and suggestions forum there. (The bug tracker and suggestions forum on Sourceforge have been closed.)

Posted by Philip Chimento 2010-06-25

SCM repository maintenance

I am in the process of converting the CVS repository to Subversion. It is okay to check out a working copy from either one, but if you commit to Subversion before January 15, 2010, your work will probably be lost. If you commit to CVS your work will definitely be lost. I will be disabling the CVS repository on January 15.

If this poses a problem for you, let me know and we'll work something out, but I figure I'm the only one who commits to the repository on a regular basis.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2010-01-13

New release and new website!

Inform 7 has a new version out, 5Z71, and new website: All of the available packages for all architectures are now available for download there. They will also remain available here.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2009-04-23

Interim release of 5U92

Users of Ubuntu 8.10 and Fedora 10 may have noticed that creating a new project in Inform 7 was broken. These packages should fix that. They also include some improvements to the Gargoyle interpreter by Ben Cressey, and various other minor fixes.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-12-08

GNOME Inform 7: 5U92 package for Arch Linux i686

GNOME Inform 7 is a GNOME port of the Inform 7 IDE for the Inform 7 programming language for interactive fiction (also known as text adventures.)

Jonathan Liu has once more contributed an Arch Linux package for i686. See the downloads page.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-09-15

5U92 has arrived

Source code and Fedora 9 packages of 5U92 are now available on the downloads page. Ubuntu 8.04 packages are coming soon.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-09-14

5T18 package for Debian PPC

Eric Forgeot has kindly provided a PowerPC package for Debian Sid. Check the downloads section.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-06-14

5T18 package for Arch Linux i686

Jonathan Liu has once again contributed a package for Arch Linux i686.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-05-04

5T18 has arrived!

You will find various packages for 5T18 on the Downloads page. Look for more coming soon.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-05-04

5T18 coming soon!

The Sourceforge release system is malfunctioning right now, so version 5T18 will be slightly delayed. Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 8.04 packages for i386 are available from in the meantime.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-05-03

Arch Linux i686 package available

Jonathan Liu has contributed an Arch Linux package for i686. Look for it in the downloads section.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2008-04-13

Debian and AMD64 packages available

Courtesy of Eric Forgeot, the download page now sports Debian packages for i386 and AMD64, and an RPM for AMD64. The Debian packages will also work on Ubuntu.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-12-04

New Release: 5J39

Build 5J39 of GNOME Inform 7 is now out. This includes a current version of the Glulx interpreter and should solve the problems with Inform 6. For more information, visit

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-12-04

New Release: 5G67

The new release of GNOME Inform 7, now officially part of Inform 7, is available for download, as a source package, a Fedora package, and an Ubuntu package. The Fedora and Ubuntu packages are also available from

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you download the source package, you MUST also download the CLI Linux binary package appropriate to your system from and copy the Inform 7 compiler program to the source tree.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-11-13

New release: 0.5 / 4X60

Right on the heels of the last release, the I7 development team has released version 4X60 of the compiler, which is major enough to warrant a new release of GNOME Inform 7. Enjoy and keep the bug reports coming!

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-08-26

GNOME Inform 7, Release 0.4

Version 0.4 has been released. It includes an embedded Gargoyle interpreter for playing the compiled story files, and is now also distributed as an Ubuntu package.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-08-22

Fedora 7 RPMs available

Check the file release section for Fedora 7 RPMs.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-06-16

Release 0.3

The new version of GNOME Inform 7 is out. See the Downloads page.

I am looking for someone who would be interested in making packages for other systems besides FC6.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-05-28

Release 0.2

The new version of GNOME Inform 7 is out, see the Downloads page.

Posted by Philip Chimento 2007-04-09

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