#26 freeze after file check


When launching gnome-btdownload with a new torrent, the GUI freezes (no more response, no more refresh).
My sniffer report network activity, bittorrent is working even if gnome-btdownload is frozen.

When llaunching gnome-btdownload at a later time on the same torrent (after about 30% has been downloaded), the file is checked and the download counter grows until it reaches the effective download %. WHILE FILE IS BEING CHECKED, the GUI is responding, it is possible to navigate between panels. But ONCE FILE HAS BEEN CHECKED, the GUI stop responding, it is frozen. (bittorrent is still working).

In both cases the only way to quit gnome-btdownload is to kill it

Reported against Ubuntu 7.10 (Gnome2.20 + compiz-fusion + Murrine).


  • Paul Varga

    Paul Varga - 2007-12-05

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    While I'd be the first person to believe you're having this issue, I am presently unable to recreate it. It is likely that the hack I had to apply to log_event are not fully functional, as there is generally an event logged after the file check is complete.

  • Paul Varga

    Paul Varga - 2007-12-05
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