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Gnofract 4D / News: Recent posts

Version 3.14 released

This release fixes many of the bugs opened against the project at the moment and prepares us for the move to the new 4.x series.

Posted by Rachel Mant 2011-05-18

Version 3.9 released

This release adds the ability to modify the fractal function inline as you are viewing it.

Posted by Catenary 2008-06-30

Version 3.5 Released

This release adds support for arrays in the formula compiler, and for Python 2.5.

Posted by Catenary 2007-10-14

Version 3.4 Released

This release adds support for UltraFractal gradient files and fixes a number of rendering bugs.

Posted by Catenary 2007-04-30

Version 3.3 Released

This release adds support for transforms, which can turn your image 'inside out' or otherwise mangle it in interesting ways.

Posted by Catenary 2007-03-11