Can't find PyGTK. You need to install it befo

  • egag

    egag - 2008-01-18


    I would like to try Gnofract but at startup it gives :

    "  Can't find PyGTK. You need to install it before you can run Gnofract 4D. "

    I have installed pygtk-2.10.4 so that 's not the prob.
    How can i point gnofract to the pygtk ?

    ( ..or any other solution would be fine...)

    I have Slackware 11 and compiled and installed gnofract without errors.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Catenary

      Catenary - 2008-01-18

      Well, my theory is that something is probably not quite right with your PyGTK install. To check it, run

      then type 'import gtk'

      If that results in an error, PyGTK is not set up correctly. Hopefully the message will indicate what the problem is.

    • egag

      egag - 2008-01-19

      Thanks for the fast reply.

      But pygtk was installed ok and that was not the prob.
      I missed pygobject.

      Strange that the installationprocess of pygtk went ok without pygobject installed,
      but anyway...after installing pygobject gnofract started ok and runs fine.

      Gnofract gives great graphics btw.
      I'm happy with it.

      Thanks again,



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