Some RU chm files open not correctly

  • Denis

    Denis - 2006-11-25

    I have 2 chm files with encoding cp1251 which open with no readable charset (codapage?).

    • Rubens Ramos

      Rubens Ramos - 2006-11-25


      Is any of these two available for download somewhere so I can test them?
      (and just to check - which version are you using?)

      From past experience, if the problem is with the HTML pane, it is quite
      possible that it is related to a bug/feature from gtkthml (the component gnochm
      uses to show HTML), and that I reported a long time ago, but has never been fixed
      as far as I know.

      For more details, have a look at bugs #1533086 and #1464957:

      Hope this helps

      • Tomas Brunclik

        Tomas Brunclik - 2007-02-05

        Hello, I am from Czech Republic. Most files are encoded with win-1250 charset here and the national accented characters do not render correctly too. Would it be possible to solve this by implementing a character set selection dialog, for example like in the Firefox web browser (plus possibly a "default charset" entry in options)? Without the possibility to correct the charset rendering manually the usability of this program is very limited for us from "non-latin-1" or "non-us-ascii" countries, and there is no usable alteranative I know of.
        Firefox extension CHM Reader can utilize the Firefox's own "View | Charset" menu entry for example, but has general rendering problems with many files.

        You can get free .chm files in czech with win-1250 encoding at this address (they are czech laws concerning hazardous chemicals, not updated recently):

        These files could be interesting for you also from other point of view: they are interconnected. If you save them into one folder together you should get links from the main file chemhelp.chm into other ones. This does not work for me in any unix reader, but of course it can be caused for example by incorrect uppercase/lowercase letters in links, which is mostly ignored on Windows...

        Another czech chm files at the bottom of this page:
        - Again, they could be interesting for you also because gnochm does not show the contents in the left box, while xchm does. Accented character are diplayed messed up in both programs...

        Tomas IV.

    • Rubens Ramos

      Rubens Ramos - 2007-02-06

      Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for your message - I would really love to implement this feature in gnochm, however this requires the gtkhtml2 library to support this - which it does not unfortunately.
      I raised these encoding issues with the gtkhtml2 maintainers in the past, but not much has happened since, so my hands are tied...



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