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gnochm (68)

I've dowloaded a printer's user guide (Hungarian) from Canon and gnochm displays some strange charachters only. In the empty display I tryed to vied the source code of the chm and it displays a correct HTML content with 3 strange chars at the beginning. After this I downloaded the English version of the guide and gnochm still displays nothing.

If I extracted the chm with extract_chmlib and I could view it by a webbrowser.

I was used the gnochm 0.9.11 version from source on Ubuntu Gutsy.

The file location: http://www.humankraft.hu/~rzsolt/upload/MP150-170_Users-Guide_HUN.chm
(too big for upload)

The gnochm.log contains this:

Yet another debug session :)
Leftover: ['Desktop/MP150-170_Users-Guide_HUN.chm']
Argdictr: {'debug': 1}
LoadCHM: Desktop/MP150-170_Users-Guide_HUN.chm
Using LCID iso8859_2
File Encoding: None
File Locale: 1038
Home: /top.htm
open_chm: /top.htm
CloseCHM= Desktop/MP150-170_Users-Guide_HUN.chm
GnoCHM shutting down

Other components:

python-chm 0.8.4-0.1
python 2.5.1-1ubuntu7
python-gtk2 2.12.0-0ubuntu2
pygtk2-glade2 2.12.0-0ubuntu2
python-gnome2 2.20.0-0ubuntu1
python-gtkhtml2 2.19.1-0ubuntu4


  • Rubens Ramos

    Rubens Ramos - 2008-07-26

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    The CHM file you tried to use is using frames, and for some reason it appears that gtkhtml2 or the python bindings are not notifying my code that the frame html page needs to be loaded. It appears I can't do much on gnochm to fix this. Maybe someone has comments to offer?

  • Rubens Ramos

    Rubens Ramos - 2008-07-26
    • milestone: --> v0.9.11
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rubensr
    • status: open --> pending
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