#61 Minimal Font Size Request

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Andri Möll

For some reason I find it difficult to get consistent font sizes throughout GNOME and Xfce, and that includes GnoCHM. I'd like to be able to set a minimum font size for GnoCHM, because most of the files I tend to open are displayed with such a tiny font that pressing zoom-in a couple of times has turned into a habit. Kchmviewer on the other hand displays the same file with a bigger default font, but I guess this is because of different rendering techniques. GnoCHM's output looks nicer, but constant zooming is getting annoying.

Good future coding!


  • Rubens Ramos

    Rubens Ramos - 2007-08-24

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    Thanks for reporting this - so are the fonts too small for every document you open? Would it fix the problem if we could save the "default" zoom?

    The reason I ask is because the alternatives are not practical at the moment (for me):

    1. Programmaticaly navigating the DOM and setting the font for <body>;
    - The gnome-python API does not map the DOM stuff, so if I was to implement this option,
    I would also need to implement the API, which is a considerable amount of work.
    2. Adding a CSS to the document by somehow finding the right location in the HTML text.
    - Too messy in my opinion, and would not work every time.

  • Andri Möll

    Andri Möll - 2007-08-24

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    Unfortunately the sizes throughout files are quite inconsistent. I can guess this is because of the awful source most of the CHM books have today, but that's all they're releasing.

    I have made a screenshot of two books and two viewers -- two on the top are Kchmviewer, and the bottom ones are GnoCHM. You can clearly see the nicer display and colors of GnoCHM on the bottom-left, and awfully small font on the right. Kchmviewer on the other hand has consistent sizes, but differs in formatting. Both have their pluses.
    One thing I should perhaps file under a new report, is the inability to display other codepages... or at least recognizing one. As can be seen from the books on the left, GnoCHM displays long dashes as boxes, and Kchmviewer as the correct sign.

    Saving zoom levels per documents would probably be one solution I'd like every which way. And when done, why not add the ability to save the last page I read, and display it like Kchmviewer does :)
    And the last suggestion I'll cram into this unrelated report is right clicking shouldn't switch to an item, but instead show a menu where one can choose "Bookmark this" -- that's enough for compensate for the lack of tabs.

    Good nightly compiling!

  • Andri Möll

    Andri Möll - 2007-08-24

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    Apparently the screenshot is too big for attaching, so I've uploaded it:

  • ZuLuuuuuu

    ZuLuuuuuu - 2009-04-07

    Hello, are there any improvements on this issue? I always give GnoCHM a try after fresh Linux install (for years!) but after seeing that fonts are still tiny, uninstall it, install XCHM and use it with its ugly interface...


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