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I heard that work on gnome-pim will be known as in evolution calendar. So check out evolution from GNOME cvs repository.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-18

gnobb-cal-0.3 released

gnobb-cal-0.3 released under GPL.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-07-18

gnome-pim-1.4.0: Hacking

To check out and start hacking on the gnome-pim-1.4.0, go to GNOME developers' CVS repository by:

$export CVSROOT=''

$cvs login
(there is no password, just hit enter)

$cvs -z3 checkout gnome-pim
( or by typing $cvs -z3 -r gnome-pim gnome-libs for multiple)

For information and any updates on your work, e-mail to I would like to include your work on gnome-pim, whether version 1.4.0, to be as part of GNOBB Project.
Go and start digging on it. If you need further information to get started (unless you don't find something on the web), e-mail me at read more

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-23

gnome-pim-1.4.0 Involved

We have full use of the source codes and improvements of GNOME Calendar program. The locations of GNOME Calendar are:


CORBA interface is included in gnobbcal-0.1, too.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-05-21