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GWindows release, 10-May-2016

Besides the usual installer executable, there is also now a .zip file with same contents.
This version is mostly a brush-up.
A free resource editor is now included for convenience.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2016-05-10

GWindows release, 31-Dec-2015

Minor changes.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2016-04-02

GWindows release, 10-Jul-2012

Release notes.

Improvements compared to the March 7th version are (numbers below refer to svn repository revisions):

* GWindows.Simple_sheet: added clipboard functionalities (147)
* GWindows.Clipboard is part of the release installer package (139)
* Edit_Box'es have the Read_Only option on creation (137)
* Create_font has optionally a Char_Set choice (136)
* GWindows is working properly on dual screens (135)

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2012-07-10

GWenerator 0.99 released

New in version 0.99 (27-Feb-2010):
* Ada background or on-demand build
* A few improvements on supported controls

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2010-02-28

GWenerator 0.975 released

0.975 (05-Jul-2009):
* new Initialize_controls option: initialize some controls with fake contents, for test/debug; analogous to Ada's Initialize_Scalars pragma
* better support for: progress bars, tree views, list views, static borders, some special window styles

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2009-07-05

GWenerator 0.97 released

0.97 (01-Jun-2009):
* a test application with all of a resource's dialogs is optionally generated
* width/height settings in dialogs now refer to client area (bug fix)
* CONTROLs of "Button" and "Edit" classes... understood as alternative to 'typed' button/editbox controls
* much more of resources files from MS Visual Studio, Borland Resource Workshop, ResEdit and others are now translated... read more

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2009-06-01

GWenerator 0.95 released

First release of the graphical version of GWenerator.
Each time you save a GUI design from (say) Visual Studio or ResEdit, GWenerator produces automatically the corresponding Ada code using GWindows objects.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2008-12-03

GNAVI: GNU Ada Visual Interface: GWenerator 0.8 released

GNAVI: The GNU Ada Visual Interface, GWindows - GUI Framework, GNATCOM - ActiveX/COM and the GNAVI IDE for RAD Development. The Open Source Answer to Delphi and VB

This is an early (but worth trying it!) version of this Resource-to-Ada translator.

Posted by Gautier de Montmollin 2008-08-12


Work has been fast coming on the GNAVI IDE. Checkout for updates.

Posted by David Botton 2004-12-27

New GNAVI Site Launched

New web site for GNAVI has been launched reflecting the project direction as an Open Source Replacement for Delphi and Visual Basic

Posted by David Botton 2004-11-07

GWindows 1.2 Released

Announcing the release of

GWindows 1.2

The Ada 95 Win32 RAD Framework

November 2, 2004

GWindows, the Professional Open Source Ada 95 Win32 RAD Framework,
introduces for the first time to Ada programming a comprehensive rapid
application development framework spanning GUI, Database and Active X
integration. It brings AdaPower ;-) to programming domains that up
until now are dominated by VB and Delphi.... read more

Posted by David Botton 2004-11-07

GNATCOM 1.4a Released

Announcing the release of


COM/COM+/DCOM/Active X for Ada 95

October 24, 2003

GNATCOM, the Professional Open Source Ada 95 COM/COM+/DCOM/Active X
binding has been updated to GNATCOM 1.4a. This release incorporates
extensive support of directly embedding and controling ActiveX
controls for GWindows based applications.

Thanks to GNATCOM, the Ada 95 COM/DCOM/COM+ Development Framework and
Tools opens every facet of the Windows platforms to Ada 95
development. Never again will the cries be heard, "but there are no
bindings" on the Windows platform!... read more

Posted by David Botton 2004-10-25

GNAVI Project and Sourceforge

The GNAVI project has revived after a bit of a vacation. This time we are using to provide key project management services to insure the projects long term growth. By the end of October the SourceForge project should be up in full swing. For more information visit the GNAVI site at

Posted by David Botton 2004-10-20

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