1st timewhat effect is this supposed to have?

  • Bryan McElroy

    Bryan McElroy - 2010-04-26

    hey, I stumbled across gnaural through wikipedia and just tried it out, but what effect is it supposed to have? what did ye guys experience?
    I didnt really get anything! I lay down and listened for 36 minutes and then got bored and got up, in fairness I didnt think 36 minutes had passed, I thought it was more like 15, and also it was a relaxing experience, but I think lying  down with the express purpose of relaxing for 15 minutes is bound to be relaxing anyway!
    Maybe it wasnt loud enough? I could clearly hear the noise of my laptops fan in the room, maybe that was interfering with it? I will try this again as I'm quite curious about it, maybe I'll use my mp3 player to listen and eliminate the fan noise, also might be worth mentioning I have perfect hearing but I do suffer from a mild case of tinnitus (too many gigs!)

  • Bryan McElroy

    Bryan McElroy - 2010-04-27

    actually I also wanted to ask, do you really actively listen to the bb's ? as in fixate on them? or do you ignore them? I tried to listen to them and hear the different rythyms but sometimes my mind wandered off and I sort of forgot about them…

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2010-04-27

    hey there - in my experience, you can get a variety of things out of BB's according to what your intent is going in to them. Lately, for example, i really just use BBs for "power napping" - after lunch, put the feet up for 20 min. and let them just do their work without focusing on them at all; they basically just incline an otherwise rather disinclined mind to relax and then drift in to sleep.

    But every once in a while i get in to the idea of pursuing either deepened meditation or "out of body" sorts of experiences with them - that takes a bit more work, indeed, a bit of "focus" on the beats. I see it a lot as focusing on breathing when meditating, but in conjunction with the binaural beats it seems to get me to some extreme deep states that i normally can't get to with straight meditation except in the rarest of instances.

    As for volume - you really don't need it loud at all; Oster demonstrated that your systems processing the BB's actually can "hear" the external stimuli beneath a threshold at which you are consciously aware of them.  Also, i've experienced what Oster said about how our ability to perceive BB's is not constant; some days i can barely hear them at all, other days they are as clear as if i hit "mono" checkbox. But they seem to work anyway.

  • John Knight

    John Knight - 2010-07-01

    we're also running with the assumption that you're running with headphones/earphones - not everyone does so and you need to. in terms of listening, i find it helpful to listen to what you're hearing in the static of the pink noise as a relaxation method. the brain tends to clump frequencies together and constellate it into distinct sounds sometimes. i've heard distant radio stations, dripping caves, all sorts of things. :)

  • CS dude

    CS dude - 2010-07-27

    The quick answer is, altered states accessed via nondrug means are generally more subtle than those accessed by taking various compounds.  By this I mean, they can be quite profound, but they don't announce themselves with trumpets and fireworks. 

    Over time and with experience, you'll learn to recognize the signs that you're entering an altered state, and learn to work with it to enhance it and develop its capabilities.  I could say more about this if anyone's interested. 


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