Does GN Automatically Calculate The Diff?

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-03-12


    I have a few quick questions. I don't think I'm making my binaurals correctly.

    My first question is this:

    From what I understand, you should only hear the "wow wow wow" when you have both ear phones in , correct? However, I hear it when I only have one in, which leads me to believe that I'm not making them correctly.

    My second question:

    If I input my beat @ 10hz and my carrier at 240, Gnaural will automatically do the math, right?  That is, it will ensure that my beat is actually 10hz, right?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-03-12

    > you should only hear the "wow wow wow" when you have both ear phones in , correct?

    Correct. However, you will also hear the "wow wow wow" sound if it plays through your speakers in to the open air. But let's assume that's not the issue here.

    One of several things might be going on:

    1) (likely) your headphones are not inserted all the way in to the jack, causing the electrical signal to "mix" instead of staying on separate stereo channels.

    2) (unlikely) you have the "Output Mono" in either the checkbox on the front of the program, or at the voice level (in the properties box for a voice)

    The main thing to check is if the wow-wow-wow sound disappears when you slide the Balance control to either side (left of right).

    As for your question about making the beats: yes and yes.

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-03-14

    Hi, thanks for your response.

    One more question: Converting my .wave files to MP3s shouldn't affect the output of the binaural, right? In other words, the two channels will stay independent, right? Thank you.

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-03-14

    Correct. WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and a couple others absolutely maintain the integrity of the original, unlike MP3 or OGG. Flac is my favorite because it compresses the signal without changing the sound at all.

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-03-19

    Thanks again for your replies. I followed the advice given above, but I am still wondering if these are made correctly. Could you possibly listen to the sample below to see if it sounds right?

    Thanks in advance!

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-03-19

    Sounds correct, definitely two clean sine waves, one on each stereo channel. And the beats sound to me about like a 248hz Base Frequency with a 13hz beat. The volume is pretty quiet; you can turn that up a number of ways.

    Btw, here's a tutorial that might be useful for you:

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-03-19

    Awesome, thanks. What volume level would you recommend without a background noise? 0.5? And, if I were to add  a rain  or some other background, how loud should the binaural be in that case to be most effective? Thanks again! I really appreciate it!

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-03-20

          In terms of volume, you'll want the overall volume of your schedule to at least have the two bars on the GUI over halfway; main thing is you never want it to clip (drive the bars all the way to the top) at any point. You aren't really losing much having it quiet, it is just an area you could a bit more out of. The beats will still work fine. As for mixing a sound clip with your schedule (which is described at the end of that tutorial, btw), my expertise is in making Gnaural, not making beats :) The literature suggests the beats can be basically right at the threshold of perception and still be doing their job. I tend to leave the beat way over the background sound in order to be sure i'm emphasizing the beats.

    You could ask the folks on the FaceBook page, maybe they'd have more advice for you:

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-04-04


    Thanks for your response. The video was quite helpful (especially the magnetic pointer). One more question:

    I am reading on other forums that the isochronics feature does not really produce true isochronic tones? Is this true?

    Thanks again for everything.

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-04-04

    Great about the tutorial. As for the isochronic question, as far as i know the "Isochronic Pulses" voice option produces genuine 100% real isochronic tones - and it is easy enough to check, just set it to 1 hz like i do in the video and you hear an equal "on" and and "off" tone modulation. A few years back somebody contributed some code saying it was isochronic (and nobody seemed to agree on what they were then) - eventually it proved he'd only made the binaural beats monophonic, which put me in the ironic, isochronic position of having to take the time to code it myself from scratch - ironic because i didn't care about them in the first place.

    Anyway, yes, i believe these are very high quality "isochronic tones" -> please as people in these forums to test them so we're all sure

  • binauralman

    binauralman - 2011-04-05

    Thanks for your reply. I will try to get more detailed responses regarding their isochronic claims. One more quick question. When I import my audio files, they are being given a default base frequency of 110. Why is this? Should I just switch them to 0? Thanks again.

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-04-07

    The beat and base frequencies don't have any relevance when the voice is an audiofiles. The tutorial discusses that at 13:44. Setting them to zero might be tidier for visual or conceptual reasons, so you might want to anyway.


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