Transcendental Meditation

  • __z0rk

    __z0rk - 2012-01-16

    I've been using bi-aural beats for several years now and it works very well for me to reduce stress, for power naps and meditation.

    Recently I came across David Lynch's book "Catching the big fish". I found it interesting and I checked out his foundation work where I came across TM.

    The big turn-off is the cost. Which I find somewhat objectionable on principle alone, but I am curious to learn, if anybody here had any first hand experience with it and could talk about it's effectiveness and how different it truly is to other forms of meditation?

    I know this slightly off topic, but I would appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you

  • thamshi bres

    thamshi bres - 2012-08-08

    Stress can aggravate a multitude of medical disorders. But stress could be reduced with a relaxation technique called Transcendental Meditation. The Transcendental Meditation technique allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought — pure awareness, also known as transcendental consciousness. In this state of restful alertness, your brain functions with significantly greater coherence and your body gains deep rest. Thus, Transcendental Meditation lowers stress and med bills.

  • bernadeth bell

    bernadeth bell - 2012-11-23

    Wow! The Transcendental Meditation really help to lessen or relieve you from stress.


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