Very nice "experience" , Not a Gnaural track.

  • ctron

    ctron - 2008-04-17

    Please forgive me for doing this (it seems rude to mention other softwares). Why would I do this, because I prefer Gnaural. I like the program control and intuitive interface, with that said... For curiosity sake I downloaded SBaGen to see if any of their tracks would produce "better" altered states. One track inperticular did. File name focus-03-b.sbg in the focus directory. Before describing my "altered state" experience i would like to mention this.  Have you considered allowing the import-export of this programs sbg data text files.  I would love to edit and see these frequencies displayed in Gnaural!  My experience, I listened to focus-03-a.sbg for about 1 hour then I switched over to ->focus-03-b.sbg<-.  After 2 hr's total I felt that OBE total body vibration everyone describes. After about 2 minutes of vibrating, off I went. I was shown planets. Huge beautiful planets.  About 4 planet's and their orbiting body's.  One that stand's out is a huge Pink planet. Man it was huge.  I had no-one "talk" to me, I just kinda was there all of a sudden, experiencing. Problem with this is, where is here?  How do I show other's where here is. Maybe too far to see other then using higher consciousness.  I would love to here if someone else has a similar experience using this binaural beat.  I don't know if I can replicate the "data" file in Gnaraul but if there is one worth trying to, this would be it IMHO.

  • JRS

    JRS - 2010-01-03

    I have created a file in Gnaural that is a remake of focus-03-a.  I am working on the rest of them.  I am interested in making one that is a compilation of all the focus files.  Maybe 10 or 15 min. for each set of beats.

  • Frands Frydendal

    Sounds wonderful, beowulf! I hope you will care to share them when you are finished.

  • John Knight

    John Knight - 2010-01-11

    Under Gnaural's default setting, scaled back to a twenty minute cycle, I had several second dreaming come and go. At first this was very banal, such as going to my car, waking up. Putting key in a lock, wake up. But then I had an image (not a situation, just an image and that's it) of extraordinarily archetypal structure:

    It appeared to be a the end of a shelf in what was probably a library, and in front of it was a large yellow triangle covered in eyes. The triangle was a frame, so there was no inside part, meaning I could see the shelf behind it, while the eye-covered triangle object was in the foreground. The triangle was resting on one side instead of pointing upwards, with the vertical edge being on the left. Then the frequencies tailed up and I was conscious again, and the mental image was gone.

    As for cyclatron's experience, well this kind of brainwave entrainment can unlock parts of the psyche that have remained dormant to your conscious waking ego state. When the nervous system is in the reverse of an adrenal state, the ego's rigidity is loosened and images from the unconscious finally start flowing into your perception. The human brain is designed to design realities, and you may have stumbled upon your own internal realities that you didn't know were there. Sounds nice. :)

  • hatakah

    hatakah - 2011-05-19

    So…how is the focus file port coming along? It's been a while, so I was just wondering…


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