Adjusting Output Length

  • Daftword

    Daftword - 2008-03-07

    Hi Gnaural,

    Thank you for the work you've put into this software, it is great that someone is willing to share such a powerful tool.
    I have only just installed Gnaural and may have missed the option on first inspection...
    Is there a way to extend the sessions to 90 minutes?
    I have practiced meditation for the last 12 years. And have adopted a mixture of Vipassana techniques, which have been recently boosted by using Centerpointe technology.
    Presently my morning meditation is currently 90 minutes and I would like to be able to incorporate Gnaural tracks into it.

    Many thanks,


    P.S Considered output to .flac??

    • gnaural

      gnaural - 2008-03-07

      Hi, in context:

      > I have only just installed Gnaural and may have
      > missed the option on first inspection...
      > Is there a way to extend the sessions to 90 minutes?

      More ways than one can shake a stick at :)

      The easiest would be to add the extra time (that'd be DesiredDuration - CurrentDuration) to any datapoint that is in the range you want to extend. For example, the default schedule is 4410secs., and you want to make it 5400sec. -- so you could just add 990secs to any datapoint that's at the stable range you want to be at. [You do this by right-clicking on a datapoint to bring up its Properties Dialog].

      But that changes the relationship between some of the little "wake-up" spikes. So instead, you may want to split that 990secs. up between several datapoints, or copy a small section of the schedule and paste it at the end.

      Another approach with "Gnaural Classic" would be to select all the datapoints in the graph, then just scale the duration by 1.225 (thats DesiredDuration/CurrentDuration). You can find the scale function under menu Graph->Selected Data Points->Scale. But, of course, you do slightly change all durations doing it that way.

      Gnaural2 has a lot more ways to do it -- under the "Tools" menu, for example, is a "Truncate Schedule" command.

      In general, Gnaural2 is much better than Gnaural1 for editing schedules. But I am keeping Gnaural1 because it is easier to understand and use for people not wanting to do a lot to the presets. I may rename it Gnaural Classic eventually, and Gnaural2 will be "Gnaural."

      As for your other question:
      >P.S Considered output to .flac??

      Gnaural2 both reads and writes FLAC, and maybe 2 dozen other file formats:

  • A ray 33

    A ray 33 - 2012-03-04

    hey there,
    I am also practicing vipassana, and have been toying around with different wavelength outputs, I see that the delta state is less than 4 hz, and would like to induce this state, as it is the slowest wavelength and associated with loss of body awareness. the alpha zone worked great (4-8 hz) but i feel that i have reached a deeper state that this before using binaural beats. specifically when i was at the vipassana camp, ha ha, of course. I was curious if you had any success with a certain hz setting, and alsoI"m curious what other techniques you tie into your practice, sounds super interesting, ok well thanks for the time,

  • thamshi bres

    thamshi bres - 2012-08-08

    Thanks for the post. It was helpful for me. :)

  • bernadeth bell

    bernadeth bell - 2012-11-23

    Oh! Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :)


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