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  • Chelsey Beauchamp

    Hello All
    I have been researching resonant frequencies and their implications. My husband says im retarded, but I think that this could go along nicely with the Unified field theory, the other dimensions that it posits, and ultimately, my search for God. So my husband can kiss my ass. Anywho, I need help.
    I downloaded Gnaural , and only have a vague idea on how to use it. I have played around with it a bit, but Im having trouble creating my own beats. I managed to get my BASE frequency where I want it (528 hz), but I dont know how to create the 2 different BEAT frequencies in order to produce binaurals. Is that where all the data points come in? For example, if I wanted a 40 hz binaural beat, would I put one data point at 20 hz and the next data point at 60 hz? If so, do the intervals between the different frequencies matter?  Am I really retarded?

  • Chelsey Beauchamp

    PS, I just realised this should have gone under help instead of open discussion. So the answer to the question is yes, I am retarded. Apologies.

  • gnaural

    gnaural - 2011-03-02

    Don't worry about it, you raise enough stuff to make this worth of Open Discussion - although i'll just try to help you with the technical question you have:

    Gnaural has 4 "views", so you can independently change the 4 primary features of every data point. The four views are:
    Base Frequency
    Beat Frequency
    Stereo Balance

    You access each view by picking a button from the 4 on the lower right (under "Graph Views").

    Sounds like you've got the first one already (setting the Base Frequency to your desired 528hz). If you are having a hard time setting it exactly, just select one or more data points then "Right Click" with your mouse to bring up a dialog box, where you can put an exact value for any aspect of a data point.

    As for the Beat Frequency, if you set the graph to "0", there will be no beat frequency at all, you will only hear the straight Base frequency ("528" in this example). Set it to "40" and Gnaural will automatically take care of the math, subtracting 20hz from the right-side's Base frequency and adding 20hz to the left-side's Base frequency. In other words, you'd be hearing a 548hz tone in the left earphone and a 518hz tone in the right.

    You could do all this with just one data point - literally select-all (Ctrl-a) then press "Delete", and with the remaining one data point left over, right-click and set the base to 528 and the beat to 40. That's it. You'd only need more data points if you want to vary some of the 4 data point parameters it over time.

  • Chelsey Beauchamp

    Aha! I was trying to do things the hard way. Thank you so much for the help.


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