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New release for gcc 4.0.0

A new ASIS release is added for use mit gcc 4.0.0. The source package contains the files needed for older gcc's as well. The binary releases contain adabrowse and semtools. There is an AMD64 binary package as well.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2005-02-04

AdaBrowse added

I have added Adabrowse as well. That way one gets all the important A.S.I.S applications with one "make install".

Posted by Martin Krischik 2004-03-23

Adalog joint in

AdaLog''s ( have agreed to have Adasubst/Adadep hosted here. Now there are a total of 5 ASIS tools here as well.

Posted by Martin Krischik 2004-03-19

ASIS for GNAT Projekt started

The ASIS for GNAT Project has started. Current developtment versions are now available via cvs.

Mission goal:

Providing an up to date implementations of ASIS = Ada Semantic Interface Specification for GNAT. ASIS is a published international ISO standard (ISO/IEC 15291:1999).

Posted by Martin Krischik 2004-03-12