#140 PROGRAM error in Finalize procedure

Sqlite (2)

I have a problem with Table_Controlled object. When an
SQL error happened, because of a bad syntax in a SELECT
query for instance, a PROGRAM error is raised line 319
in the Finalize procedure of Table_Controlled.

It seems the field Table is null and we try to access
to self.table'range. A simple test before freeing table
field would solve this problem I think.

I use the 1.5.3a version.


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    More precisions.

    The problem occurs when you declare a Table_Controlled
    variable to use with Get_Table procedure.

    When an error happens in Get_Table (for instance a sql
    syntax error), an exception is raised. So the Table_Controlled
    object is in a status where its Table field, which is an access
    type, is Null. When the procedure wich called Get_Table and
    declmared the Table_Controlled ends, the Finalize procedure
    is called on this object, and try to access to the Table field
    with 'Range attribute, but this field is NULL due to the
    previous error.

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    Probem has been fixed with Version 1.5 of the gnu.db.sqlite

  • Michael Erdmann

    Michael Erdmann - 2004-12-30
    • status: open --> closed
  • Michael Erdmann

    Michael Erdmann - 2004-12-30

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    Your bug has been fixed, please retest with the next release.


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