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New release .79

Today, 11/21/2016 I uploaded version .79 of gmorgan.

Posted by Robert Vogel 2016-11-21 | Edit



GMorgan .70, the latest version for GNU/Linux,
incorporates a new drum pattern
panel based on the FLTK spreadsheet example.
There is also some miscellaneous cleanup.

Runs well on Ubuntu 12.4 with the
proprietary NVidia drivers.

If you have tried it before, be sure to go
to Settings->global, renew the file
paths to the current gmorgan directory, and
save them. The sound file has been slightly reformated,
so results could be unpredictable if you
don't do this.

Posted by Robert Vogel 2014-08-29 | Edit


This version only runs on GNU/Linux. See the youtube videos for demonstration.

Posted by Robert Vogel 2013-04-14 | Edit

gmorgan-0.25 Release

Debian package, new patterns and big library of style variations for create new patterns has been added.
Minor bugfixes.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2005-11-08 | Edit

gmorgan-0.24 Released

Code has been ported from linux to win32.
Sources and Binaries for win32 availables.
Fixed bug in Library Style filename.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-07-08 | Edit

gmorgan 0.23 Released

This release fix compilation problems due locale.h changes in some distributions.
Man other bugs fixed and small improvements added.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-06-22 | Edit

gmorgan 0.22 Released

New features including Master Tempo Track, Skin functions, and 3 skins has been added.
Edit windows, harmonize engine, pattern change and Banks usage has been improved.
8 Mb less of memory usage.
Minor bugs fixed.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-01-27 | Edit

gmorgan 0.21 released

New features including Pattern Library BD Generator , Automatic pattern change and German .po file has been added. This version is compatible with all the soundfont soft synthesizers including FluidSynth.
Reduces the amount of memory usabe in 50% and fix major and minor bugs.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2004-01-06 | Edit

gmorgan 0.20 released.

New features including, patterns, styles, convert Midi files to gmorgan patterns, reduced in 67% the amount of memory usage and changed to AutoTools-1.6 has been added.
Major and minor bugs fixes.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-27 | Edit

gmorgan 0.19 released

Internationalized with gettext, French and Spanish languages and extensive documentation has been added.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-21 | Edit

gmorgan-docs released

Spanish and English documentation in Open Office .sxw and .pdf format of gmorgan. Including images and technical issues.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-15 | Edit

gmorgan 0.18 released

gmorgan is a rhythm station, a modern organ with full editable accompaniment. This release include extensive documentation, improves the speed, adds edit functions and solve some bugs.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-10 | Edit

gmorgan v0.17 released

gmorgan is a rhythm station for play in real time, and also a pattern based sequencer.
Go to for more details.

Posted by Josep Andreu 2003-12-06 | Edit

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