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New version with transparent textures

The teapot now has a checkerboard with alpha. Looks kinda cool. There were lots of additions under the covers to achieve this. Things continue to proceed slowly but surely. For more info, see

Posted by Reid Ellis 2002-03-01

Approaching 1000 downloads

What, do people have no better way to waste their time? :-)

Posted by Reid Ellis 2001-10-03

Real Life intrudes..

Sorry for the delay in new releases. Impending schedules in real life have left me with not a lot of time to work on GmOne. The flow of generous time should resume in October.

Just FYI, when I do have time, I am concentrating on getting the Dag iterator working properly. When it works properly, the Dag iterator can be a glorious thing, especially when you add the ability to make it a filtered iterator, so you get, say, only lights or objects that use texture X, etc..... read more

Posted by Reid Ellis 2001-08-23

GmOne 0.2d8 is Available

This release demonstrates how the user interface will be drawn in the application. Three spheres [the usual red, green and blue] are drawn in the top-left corner of the window. This is where 3D UI objects and transparent bitmaps will go to facilitate the user interface. Did I just say "facilitate"? Eek.

Oh, by the way, GmOne has been a Carbon app for a while, and runs just fine under Mac OS X. Has done for several months. :-)

Posted by Reid Ellis 2001-04-06

Architecture work progressing

I'm working on making the Dag, DagPath and DagIterator work properly. The goal is to have a solid, expandable architecture on which to grow. Apologies to anyone waiting [heh] for further developments.

Posted by Reid Ellis 2001-02-28

0.2d7 -- simple teapot/square

Not much to look at again [got rid of the 100,000 points from 0.2d6]. Started working on getting a toolbox in the top-right corner. You can't tell when you run it, but when your mouse goes into the topmost 2x150 pixels or so, the toolbox rectangle expands to 30x150 and your mouse movements are tracked until you leave the box, at which point it collapses to only 2 pixels wide again. Of course, this is just a rectangle in the code, not on the screen, so you literally see nothing happening. Hopefully something will happen in the next release.
-- Reid

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-11-24

0.2d5 -- tumble-rama

Quoting the release notes:

We have tumble!

Okay, so I just quickly whipped up a couple of lines of trig and threw it in. It has problems with things like suddenly zapping by 180 degrees, and gimble lock near the north pole, but hey, it's 100% better than the last release, eh? :-)

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-11-05

0.2d4 -- runs in Mac OS X

After finding out that a certain AGL call doesn't work, I worked around it, and now GmOne runs under Mac OS X Public beta. Woo-hoo! I'm in the middle of trying to create a "release", but SourceForge is in-cre-dib-ly s-l-o-w tonight. :-(

One strange side effect of running under OS X is that I've discovered that the OpenGL viewport calls aren't working correctly -- I think they have the width and height swapped!

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-11-04

0.2d3 is interactive!

Get it and see! For more info, see

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-11-03

Getting close to.. MOTION

Just put up a release -- 0.2d1. i upped from 0.1 to 0.2 because things have progressed a great deal. The event code has been tested and fixed a lot more now. Mouse clicks weren't even getting to the ModelWindow before, ugh.

I'm just about ready to throw in some code to do a tumble around the center of interest. It's getting pretty exciting. If only it ran under OS X -- I should look into that soon.

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-10-27

Not much happening recently, eh?

Well, Mac OS X ate our brains, didn't it? I've been pretty busy bringing code up to speed for Mac OS X, and I'm pretty sure Andrew is having fun on the other side of that fence.

I did spend some time working up the event handling for GmOne, and setting down the foundation for "tools", which are basically modes in which the uyser can interact with GmOne. I created a base "EventHandler" class, from which both the tools and the application itself derive. You can see the header for this class at:
[hm, hope that URL makes it all in one line!]... read more

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-07-04

New member: Jamez / quicktime1

James Sanders,, has joined the GmOne team to help us with 3D graphics. James' web site is where you can see his portfolio [], his resume [] and some of his artwork []. Hope those links come out okay -- this thing doesn't have a preview. :-/... read more

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-05-04

posted job for 3D UI designer
is a job posting for a 3D UI person. I don't think either Andrew or myself has sufficient skills in creating 3D models to design our tools and such.

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-04-28

more on version numbers

Hm, just realized that I *said* I was going to use, whereas I am actually using major.minorXbuild, where X = 'd' for development, 'a' for alpha, 'b' for beta, and '.' for release.
Obviously I'm not clear myself how this will work. I guess this should be called 0.1.1 instead. Well, I guess I'll fix that for 0.1.2. :-)

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-04-23

Successful build -- 0.1d1

I found the problems with the code -- and there were a few more than I had anticipated -- and added some resources for the Mac version [version and icon resources]. So now we have a build! I'm going to try to (a) make the build available, and (b) somehow mark the code as being at 0.1d1 level.

I'm using the fairly standard practice of version numbers of the form, where minor is odd for development builds and even for stable builds. Since the current source is nowhere near even being functional yet, it will be at 0.1 for a while. As features are added, we'll go 0.3, 0.5 .. and when it's "fairly complete", we'll go 1.0.... read more

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-04-23

GmOne website now on SourceForge

I did an 'scp -r' and slurped the whole thing over, then I added the "SourceForge" logo as they request, and voila! Check it out at


Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-04-05

Andrew is added to GmOne group

Wow, what news! Aren't we reaching? :-)

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-04-04

GmOne arrives at SourceForge.Net

Well, it's a bit of a rough landing, but we're here. The big problem is that we can't access CVS from our Macs, which is a big bummer. I've fired off an email to support asking for pserver access, even though that sends passwords in the clear :-(.

I may upload the source manually by moving the code to my [my Linux box] and using ssh+cvs from there, but that would be a big pain, especially for files with resource forks!... read more

Posted by Reid Ellis 2000-03-29

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