GBrowse 1.64 release


I am pleased to announce, after much anticipation, the release of the
Generic Genome Browser (GBrowse) version 1.64. There have been several
changes since the last public release, version 1.62, which are detailed
below. The release can be obtained from the GMOD/SourceForge download
page at:

Here is the change log since version 1.62:

1.64 * Revamped state handling to use CGI::Session instead of cookies
* Added Russian and Polish language translations

* Added a new "region" panel which is intermediate in size between the overview
and the detail panels. Thanks to Barry Healy for coding this. Use the new
"region segment" configuration option to turn this feature on.
* Added ability to open and close sections with a JavaScript toggle.
* Added ability to group tracks logically.
* Added the "initial landmark" configuration option to bring up a
default region the first time user visits the web page.
* Added the "quicklink plugins" option to add selected plugins to
the links list underneath the instructions.
* Added compatibility with mod_perl version 2 (via ModPerl::Registry)
* Added the ability to highlight multiple features using URL arguments.
* Added the ability to highlight multiple sequence regions using URL arguments.
* Added the ability to turn off the autosearch feature which restores the previous
region when the user revisits the browser.
* Added sections on grouping tracks by category, defining
region panels, and loading Berkeleydb databases to tutorial.
* Added a "hide" option to use when semantic zooming should turn a track
off altogether.
* Added README-lucegene.pod, describing the Lucegene GFF adaptor
* The link option in the config file can now be used to override the built-in linking
rules from DAS sources.
* Moved plugins menu to a more prominent position.
* Uploaded features can now be placed in details panel, overview panel, or both panels.
* init_code subroutines and anonymous callbacks are now placed in the same package so that
one can refer to the other.
* The feature name search now no longer does a wildcard PREFIX search (*foo*), which was killing
performance. It still does a wildcard SUFFIX search (foo*).
* You can now use the parameters "enable" and "disable" to
selectively open or close a set of tracks without blowing
away the settings for all the other tracks the way "label" does.
* gbrowse_img now takes a "highlight" parameter that will highlight the indicated
named feature(s) in yellow.
* gbrowse_details will now evaluate URL options expressed as anonymous subroutines (contributed
by Cyril Pommier).
* gbrowse_details now accepts a general formatting rule syntax
that allows the formatting of each tag value to be precisely
* Changed mainform submission method from POST to GET when MSIE detected,
in order to defeat evil "cache has expired" message. This hack is
under the control of the "msie hack" option, and is false by default.

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Posted by Scott Cain 2005-11-30