#245 synonym db loader should add ids as common

Mark Gibson

\so the db is such that if a node/gene has an id/node_primary_name but no common name then
one must put the id in the node synonyms data load file for the server/nbrowse-db/dataloader_node_syn.pl perl script.
If one neglects to do this - as tair has done as its easy to forget - it screws up nbrowse - in that the
nodes actually wont come in with out the common synonym. tair has understandably asked to make this process easier/ more robust.
One easy fix would be to add functionality to the end of dataloader_node_syn script that after all syns are loaded it does a check to see if
there are any nodes that lack a common synonym - and if so then add the id as a common syn. this would be easy to add - and make that part
of the loading easier on folks putting together loading files - one less thing to remember thats sort of tedious to remember


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