#38 rescaling xyplot across subtracks per region

Gbrowse (28)

Add an an option to automatically scale a wiggle_xyplot or an xyplot output across a set of defined subtracks in GBrowse2 for a particular region?

For example, in an RNA-Seq experiment, if I have an experiment track and a control track and am looking at a gene region, I would like GBrowse to automatically identify the maximum height across the wiggle_xyplot for that region and use it as the maximum scale for both tracks. This would save having to rescale multiple tracks manually each time you look at a particular region of interest.


  • Scott Cain

    Scott Cain - 2010-10-21

    Unfortunately, I don't think one track "knows" anything about other tracks by design, so I don't think this is a particularly doable request.

  • Scott Cain

    Scott Cain - 2010-10-21
    • assigned_to: scottcain --> lstein
  • Lincoln Stein

    Lincoln Stein - 2010-10-25

    This will take some effort but is definitely worth doing.