#477 annotation of new mult-exon transcript impossible

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I am unable to add a joined feature into my annotation tier as a new transcript.

I read in http://apollo.berkeleybop.org/current/userguide.html#MouseFunctions

Left drag If you drag a feature into the annotation tier, it will be added as a new transcript (if editing is enabled)
Shift-Left drag If you shift-drag a feature onto an annotation, it will be added as a new exon (if editing is enabled)

It appears that left-drag works like shift-left drag - both just copy the individual exon.

I do see a "ghost image" of the entire selected transcript when I drag and drop, but only the 5'-most exon gets an annotation feature

I am using
Apollo Genome Annotation and Curation Tool, version 1.9.2, last updated May 23 2008
windows xp

looking at EnsJ loaded mouse data from local ensemble mysql database.

Any help appreciated!

Malcolm Cook
Database Applications Manager - Bioinformatics
Stowers Institute for Medical Research - Kansas City, Missouri


  • elee

    elee - 2008-06-05

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    Hi Malcolm,

    If you double click on an exon in the results panel, it should select
    all exons, which then you can drag into the annotation panel.
    Alternatively you can select multiple exons by holding down shift and
    clicking each exon you want to bring into the annotation panel (useful
    if you don't want all exons to become annotations).

    I'll need to update the user guide accordingly.


  • elee

    elee - 2008-06-05
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  • elee

    elee - 2008-06-09

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    This issue appears to only manifest itself when using the EnsJ adapter.

  • elee

    elee - 2008-06-09
    • assigned_to: gk_fan --> searle
    • status: closed --> open

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