gifs not looping when viewed in gmerlin

  • hellocatfood

    hellocatfood - 2014-03-18

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem with another program (Pure Data) that may be caused by a defect in imagemagick or gmerlin. Here's the original bug report

    I'm running pd extended 0.43.4 on Ubuntu 13.10. I've install gmerlin 1.2.0 in order to play animated gifs within that program.

    If I play gifs made in imagemagick they only play once and don't loop. If I play ones made in GIMP then they loop forever. What is GIMP doing that imagemagick isn't?

    Here is the original gif file

    For completeness I reencoded it in imagemagick (convert originalgif.gif -coalesece images.png ; convert images*.png newgif.gif)

    Here is the new gif, saved in GIMP and a screenshot of the parameters I used when svaing the gif in GIMP

    Can anyone help?

    Last edit: hellocatfood 2014-03-18
  • Burkhard Plaum

    Burkhard Plaum - 2014-03-18

    Looping is not supported at all, so I don't know how gmerlin would do it.

    One difference I see between the gifs is, that WvBNnZ4.gif has a zero frame duration (and thus an infinite framerate) while 51YOrMS.gif has a framerate of
    1 fps.


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