New Release of General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT)

The GMAT team is pleased to announce an intermediate release of GMAT which is now
available for download. GMAT is still in beta form on Windows, and Alpha form on Mac
and Linux.

--------- What's New?

- Wiki containing user and project information
- 55 bug fixes (see readme.txt contained in distribution for details)
- Improved script error checking
- Improved error messages in script syntax checking
- Improved animation controls
- Expanded Architectural Specification
- Improved targeter controls in OpenGL plots
- Addressed platform issues with different versions of Linux
- Added ability to build console version on mac
- Built mac application on Intel (not tested or included in distribution yet!!)

--------- What's Next?

- More bug fixes and preparation for stable release
- Functions ( subroutines ) in script language.
- State transition matrix propagation
- Semi-analytic gradients for all solvers
- High fidelity dynamics modelling

Posted by Steven Hughes 2007-12-18

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