#17 0.2.11 (fr locale) triggers gamelist rebuild at each startup


Since 0.2.11, GMAMEUI when started in French for the first time asks for the list to be rebuilt after each startup (and an audit is run afterwards if the user rebuilds the list). If the user doesn't chose to rebuild the gamelist, the list is empty (even if it was not the last time GMAMEUI was started).

Here is the message that opens at each GMAMEUI launch (I took the english output for you, but the message only keep appears when using the French locale):

The gamelist needs to be created
Gamelist was created with an older version of GMAMEUI.
The gamelist is not supported.
Do you want to rebuild the gamelist?

The messages the first time are the same as when starting it in English (I delete .config/gmameui for each new round of testing), but when started the second time (and consecutive times) in French, there's a message that doesn't appear in English (when starting a second time after a first launch in English ):

** Message: Chargement de la liste de jeux /home/user/.config/gmameui/gamelist
** Message: Liste de jeux non trouvée, il faut en reconstruire une

The second line doesn't appear in an English round of tests, only the first line:
** Message: Loading gamelist /home/user/.config/gmameui/gamelist

The second line that appears in French is the translation of "gamelist not found, need to rebuild one"

There are no message difference about saving the gamelist, they seem similar. The gamelist file is created in both cases, but they have a small difference: the gamelist created by a French locale GMAMEUI has the work Inconnu used instead of Unknown in the lines of roms that have Unknown. It might be what is triggering GMAMEUI to rebuild the gamelist.

If GMAMEUI is started in English (I use export LANG=en_US.UTF-8) then successive gmameui startups don't show the problem anymore (the gamelist is "cleared" of the Inconnu word, replaced by Unknown).

I couldn't reproduce the problem with export LANG=zh_TW.UTF-8 and gmameui in Chinese, even though in Chinese locale it also translates "Unknown" in the gamelist (with some characters I can't seem to read on my system, even though it can usually read Chinese characters). So the problem seems confined to the French locale. And it's not a permission problem.

And if I build the list with GMAMEUI in an English locale, each time I rebuild the gamelist with GMAMEUI in French, the problem reappears.

I also checked that .config/gmameui/gamelist is the cuplrit - when I paste an English-created gamelist on a French-created ./config/gmameui (verified to trigger the problem each time), the problem doesn't appear again.


  • loic

    loic - 2009-08-31

    I recompiled gmameui with "Unknown" instead of "Inconnu" in .config/gmameui/gamelist, and the problem is still there.

    I think I've spotted the error though: the first line in English is;
    # GMAMEUI 0.920
    The first line in French:
    # GMAMEUI 0,920

    So the comma (French) instead of the dot (English) seem to be the problem.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have the same problem with the italian version. I can avoid GMAMEUI aksing to generate the gamelist when starting the program just by manually switching the comma with a dot as pointed out by loicmartin

  • Le Gluon du Net

    Le Gluon du Net - 2009-09-01

    Same problem for me with gmameui cvs 30082009, french.

  • Andrew Burton

    Andrew Burton - 2009-09-03

    Wow - good bug tracking, Loic!

    Replaced the use of g_ascii_strtod, which is not locale sensitive, with strtod, which is. As a result it's now able to accurately compare using locales that use commas rather than full stops to indicate decimals.

    Fixed in CVS.

  • Andrew Burton

    Andrew Burton - 2009-09-03
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