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Feature Requests

  • Brent

    Brent - 2008-09-30

    Solid program
    Could you have an option to start minimized?

    Option to choose you own notifying sounds?

    Different color program icons?

    Add these and then you can add "Ultimate" to the program title. :)

    • Zach Scrivena

      Zach Scrivena - 2008-10-06

      Thank you for your feature requests!

      GmailAssistant can be minimized at startup by using the --minimize command-line switch:

      java -jar C:\Path\To\GmailAssistant.jar --minimize

      Alternatively, you could use the following "Target" command in a Windows shortcut:

      C:\Path\To\GmailAssistant.jar --minimize

      The notification sounds and icons can be modified by manually replacing the appropriate sound and image files contained in the JAR file. I will consider making making these adjustable through the "Options" form, in a future version of the program.

  • Vladimir

    Vladimir - 2010-01-27

    I have two things:
    1. It would be nice to see unread mail count on the status icon(that could be optional).
    2. Icon click to either show notification(Tell Me Again..) or to open browser. I prefer former.

    P.S. Excellent program, thank you for sharing with us.


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