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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2008-09-11

    OK, this might be a big one to implement, but here goes anyway.

    I love the fact you can do notifications for different labels - really nice touch. However what I'd ideally like to be able to do is to configure different polling intervals for different accounts or different labels.

    For instance, for my work google apps domain, I get error notifications through from web servers that need immediate attention (which are filtered and labelled appropriately), whereas for other emails that are not so important I'm not so bothered about getting notifications the second they come in (I might say set regular emails to be polled every 10 or 15 minutes)

    Since I'm a Java programmer myself (albeit mostly web apps rather than client side stuff) I'll try and get around to looking at the source code myself but don't really have time at the moment :)


    James Frost

    • Zach Scrivena

      Zach Scrivena - 2008-09-21

      Thank you for your feature request!

      I'm not sure if individual polling intervals would be useful since GmailAssistant 2.0 already supports IMAP IDLE --- any new mail would trigger a notification the moment it arrives.

      The only catch is that reading those new mails wouldn't reset the unread mail count until the account is polled again. For that, you could adjust the polling interval which would affect all accounts.

      Zach Scrivena


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