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Gmail assistant interferences with keyboard

  • cramsmreh

    cramsmreh - 2009-03-26

    I have just installed the Gmail assistant. However, I have problems using it. When it's started (icon in the status bar), I cannot write correctly in any program. For example, when writing a mail with my mail program or with Word, the letters typed on my keyboard appear different on the screen. For example, instead of writing "this is a test", it shows "thi6 ir 3 te5g" or whatever. It doesn't show what I write. I can wait for a second and then type the letter and it works, but hey... who wants to wait 1 second for each letter when typing a mail or a letter.... ;-)

    What's wrong there???  I have WinXP German version Home edition SP3.

    I would like to use this gmail assistant, but not in this way.

    When I exit it, all returns to normal and I can write as before.


    • wealas

      wealas - 2009-03-26

      It's probably the num lock blinking notification, disable that for all your accounts and hit the num lock key if you are still seeing the problem

    • Zach Scrivena

      Zach Scrivena - 2009-05-10

      Hi cramsmreh,

      Thank you for your interest in GmailAssistant!

      I think wealas is right; the problem you are experiencing is probably caused by the "Blink keyboard LED" alert, specifically on a laptop with multifunction keys.


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