I would very much like to use the "blinking LED" feature. However it seems that if the "num lock" or "caps lock" LED is blinked it actually locks the numeric keypad or caps lock. This of course has very undesirable effects when you are typing on the keyboard!

I see two possible solutions:

a. Blink the LED without changing the actual num/caps lock state - is this possible? Two distinct blinking patterns would be desirable: one which is mostly "on" if the num/caps lock is actually active, the other is mostly "off" if it is not.

b. I find that the blinking LED is most useful if you once in a while pass your PC and the screen saver hides the icons. In order to see if new mail has arrived you need to disengage the screen saver (I like many others have to type my password to do this). Now, if the LED is only blinked during the screen saver, you could see if new mail has arrived without having the undesired effect mentioned above.