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Gmail Notifier Released

In the last two years many people have contributed with the project by sending to me
translations that I have never posted. The development of Gmail Notifier 1.7 is now
starting, so I'm releasing this version just to include those translations and to
say thank you to all the people that have supported the project.

The included translations are:

Italiano (Daniel Graziotin)
Nederlands (Dennis van der Staal)
Deutsch (Marc Philipp, Eric Franco)
Portuguese (Brazil) (Yguaratã C. Cavalcanti)
Français (Thibault Martin-Lagardette)
Česky (Václav Čermák)
Russian (Aleksandr Chekanov)
Latviešu (Kaspars Krampis)
Esperanto (Abel Johannes)
Arabic (Youssef Chahibi)
Japanese (Satoshi Tanabe)

Posted by juangrande 2007-10-31

Gmail Notifier development restarted

Development of Gmail Notifier 1.7 has been started. This version will be written from scratch and the main objectives are:
- The application must run under most Linux distributions and MS Windows.
- The application must run without additional work in 64-bit processors.
- The application must rely only on Python and PyGTK libraries. Additional features will be optional.
- The application must be multi-threaded.
- The application must support HTTP and HTTPS connections over proxy.... read more

Posted by juangrande 2007-10-29

Gmail Notifier 1.6.1 Released

The latest release of Gmail Notify has corrected the authentication failure that appeared a month ago with 1.6 release.
The quota information feature has been disable due to the new interface used to retrieve the information from Gmail.

Thanks for your patience!

Posted by juangrande 2005-09-25

Gmail Notifier 1.6 Released

Gmail Notifier 1.6 has just been released, this version represents a major milestone in the life of this project. The Notifier now has multilanguage support, menu based configuration, much improved reliability, the ability to check how much of your Gmail quota you have used and much more. Many thanks goto Juan Grande for putting so much work into this release, also thanks to Richard Viney and Jon for their great work.

Posted by John Winter 2005-04-24

Gmail Notifier 1.5 released. Login problem resolved.

Gmail Notifier 1.5 has just been released. It uses a patched version of libgmail that resolves the login problem that all users have been experiencing. The Debian package and Linux source package have been updated. A 1.5 Windows version will be released soon. Thanks to all those who have been sending me feedback. It's much appreciated.

Posted by John Winter 2005-01-26

Gmail Notifier broken by yet *another* change at Gmail

libgmail has been broken by another change at Gmail, the libgmail developer has been contacted and we are calmly awaiting a resolution. Please stop sending me emails...

Posted by John Winter 2005-01-20

Windows package released

A Gmail Notifier Windows package has just been released, take a look at the screenshots here ( and go here ( to download. Thankyou to the people who have offered to test the Notifer, I have posted the letter I write to testers here (

Posted by John Winter 2005-01-11

Gmail Notifier 1.3 broken by a change at Gmail, 1.4 fixes

Due to a change at Gmail versions 1.3 and earlier of Gmail Notifier may not work, therefore, version 1.4 has now been released and resolves this issue. The GUI is also much more responsive than it used to be. Gmail Notifier is currently looking for testers. Email me using the link at the bottom of this page if you can help.

Posted by John Winter 2005-01-07

Bugfixes and new feature in 1.3

Gmail Notifier 1.3 was just released, it fixes a minor issue that caused the notifier to search for its config files in the wrong order. A new feature that was suggested by Matt Labrum has also been added that changes the tray icon color to blue when there are one or more new messages, otherwise the icon will stay red.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-29

Debian Package

A Debian package has now been released, a Windows exe and MAC OS X specific version will be along soon.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-27

1.2 Released

Major bugfixes in this release, overall usability improved.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-26

1.1 Released

A major libgmail library problem several people complained about has been resolved in this release, some other small fixes have been applied, and a Windows specific version will be released soon.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-19

1.0 Release

Tray icon created on startup in KDE or Gnome, many minor bugs fixed and overall usability improved.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-13

Gmail Notifier Released

Version 0.9 released, check out the project homepage for screenshots etc.

Posted by John Winter 2004-12-11

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