Compile Errors in GMobile

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi All,

    I am using Gmobile v0.5. We can login to gmail account with no problem. But when we select
    the "INBOX", it gave me an error "No Gateway Reply". I tested the application using "NOKIA
    3200". Also we cannot send "Invitations". When we send "Unsupported File Format" error is displyed.

    Then I test the application with Openwave SDK 6.2.2 HTTP Emulator. I works fine without any
    problem. Next I test the application with Openwave SDK 6.2.2 WAP Emulator. In there we can
    login. Also we can access the "Inbox", But cannot open the emails in the Inbox. When I try, It gave me a "COMPILE ERROR".

    (I think problem will be in the WML. It may be a invalid wml tag or unsupported characters in the emails)

    I put the URL to GMobile for you reference.

    What will be the problem? Anyone got this problem before.

    help me!

    • neerav

      neerav - 2005-05-21

      Try logging into Gmail and seeing whether there are any symbols (especially any &'s or > or <) in the subject field of the first 10 messages, or go to the next 10.

      I'm sure there probably are.  In that case, file a Bug report with details.  There should be no invalid wml tags.  However, sometimes the characters are not properly escaped (for example... &).

      About the invites, after the error, check in the sent box to see if the invites were actually sent.  Either way, this is a problem!  Can you give more details?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I tested your link.  It works exactly as the install on my webserver.  IE perfectly fine.  Some phones are more contrary than others.  My phone is a Moto V710, my friends nokia 3650 does not work. You might be able to edit the source to work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi neerav,

      Thanks for your post. Sorry for my delay.

      There is a "&" and "<>" symbols in the subject field and message body.

      I test "Invitations" with Nokia 3200. There is no email address we try to invite, in the "sent" folder after "Unsupported File Format" error is displyed.

      I only knew that details. There is no any more details for you.

      So do you still want a Bug report?

      • neerav

        neerav - 2005-05-26

        The message field should not have been causing the problems, since it has been encoded properly for a number of versions (except in the case of a long message split into parts).  In the course of other fixes, the subject field should now be displaying correctly.

        Please thoroughly test out these fixes in the developer installation at  and report back here.  If there are still problems, then open a bug report regarding the message displays. Any related bugs quickly reported will be fixed and released as version 0.6 this Saturday afternoon.

        As for the invitations error, please open a separate bug report.  I don't know the cause of that bug yet, but definitely sounds like a bug.  The bug report will allow me to give you fixes to test.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          and where to download the 1.3 gmobile version

          • neerav

            neerav - 2006-03-21

            There is no version 1.3, yet.  Version 1.2 was meant to be released about two weeks ago, but got lost in a mountain of other work.  It should be released in a couple days.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi neerav,

      Thanks for your post. I am very sorry for my delay.

      I tested you given URL using Nokia 3200. Still when we accessing the INBOX, get a "No Gateway Reply" error. "File Format Unknown" Error is still occur when we try to send INVITATIONS.

      Also another BUG here. When we accessing UNREAD folder we got error called "No Gateway


    • neerav

      neerav - 2005-06-03

      Please open a bug report for each problem:
      1) no gateway reply for inbox and unread boxes (they are one and the same problem)
      2) file format unknown after sending invites.

      Give some of the basic details in the bug report.  Put a link to this thread in each report too.

      And report which version of the developers installation you tried this on.

      Finally, login into Gmail on your pc and see if there are any wierd characters in the 1st 10 message's sender and/or subject lines.  Report this in bug report #1.


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