Running in Safe Mode

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I understand that Gmail mobile should not run in php safe mode but I tried it on my safe server. I seem to have functionality! Can anyone tell me what might not work while on a php safe server?
    I tried the Diagnose.php and it passes everything but the safe mode test.

    • neerav

      neerav - 2005-08-07

      Based on what little I know about safe mode with technical details in [] brackets:

      1) loading curl if curl is already not loaded [dl() disabled]
      2) attachment downloads [fopen() and passthru() restricted]
      3) PIN code signin (introduced in 1.0) [fopen() and unlink() restricted]
      4) login challenge, where gmail displays a graphic with characters to be entered (upcoming feature) [passthru() restricted]
      5) attachment upload (future feature) [fopen() and directory restrictions]

      There are probably hidden effects related to curl. Also, all safe-modes are not created equal. Many servers will put additional or arbitrary restrictions on certain php commands.  Difficult to predict what problems it might create.

      So for now, if curl is already loaded and you don't use attachments, you "might" be able to use Gmail Mobile without problems. Keep me posted.  I'll be happy to update the diagnose.php to reflect your success.  Check your error_log too and report any errors you see.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      attachments dont work to me.. any way to enable this, with safe mode on?

      • neerav

        neerav - 2006-02-04

        Unfortunately, no.



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