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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi everybody,

    is it possible to integrate a function in the summary view that plays a sound if new messages arrived?

    Because I've got a wap-flatrate and my gmobile is running all the time. It refreshes the summary view ervery 60 secounds.
    If gmobiles will play a sound when new messages arrive, so i musn't watch at my mobile if any messages arrived.

    I also looked in the code but I couldn't find the function that sets the number in brackets behind the "Inbox" in the summary view.

    Can somebody help me?

    If I can integrate the function, i will send it to the gmobile developer.
    Perhaps it will be in the new release?

    See you...

    • neerav

      neerav - 2006-09-19

      wml 1.1 does not have any way to trigger a sound.  This might be possible in xhtml using a background sound in css, but considering that it doesn't properly or consistently work on desktop browsers, chances are slim that it would work on a mobile phone.  As far as I can tell, background sounds are not in the wcss specs.

      The only far-fetched method I can think of would be to have the card automatically redirect (onenterforward) to the download of a tiny pict (really anything).  The completed download *might* trigger the phone's SMS ringtone (depends on the phone -- doesn't do it on my Nokia).  Even if any of this actually worked, the download would block further refreshing of the Summary page, so if you missed the tone the first time...

      Another way is if your network has email-to-sms service.  You could have the script send an email-to-sms.  When the sms is delivered, the phone's sms tone would ring.  The drawback is that most networks do not deliver the email-to-sms immediately.  Of course, you would have to disconnect gprs to see the sms that you have a new email and reconnect back to gprs.  And the sms inbox could very quickly fill up.

      The last method would be for the card to auto redirect (onentryforward) to a Service Indicator (SI) message.  SI's are nice because you can have newers ones overwrite older ones.  They trigger the sms tone and it downloads immediately to the phone into the Service Inbox.  Drawback again, is to see the SI, one must disconnect gprs, view the SI, and reconnect.  The one slight advantage is that the SI would contain a direct link back to the gmail-mobile Inbox, making reconnection easier.  However, some networks do not allow SI's that do not originate from their own network.

      The last idea has the best possibilites in some cases.


    • neerav

      neerav - 2006-09-26

      The last idea in my last message's train of thought was so intriguing that I went ahead and implemented it.

      Try it at: You must go to Settings->Mobile (unofficial) -> New message alert -> ON and save changes to make the feature active.  Also read the "help?" for this feature.

      Please give feedback.



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