Help with script adaptation please?

  • Tom

    Tom - 2005-12-30


    What a fantastic piece of software.  I just discovered this as I'm looking for a way to send emails from a php application on my web server to my Gmail account.  I want to do this because of the ssl connection.

    I'm only just getting into php - to save me some time, could someone suggest what parts of your code I should be looking at (files and line numbers) to adapt so that I can just get a form submission to send an email to my Gmail account.

    I will of course keep all credits in the code if I adapt this for this purpose.

    Many thanks if you can help

    Tom, Ireland.

    • Tom

      Tom - 2005-12-30

      Just thought I should clarify a bit.

      <b>What I need is a php script which I will populate with my Gmail username and password which will automatically login and send an email.</b>  I would use this in conjunction with the existing functions/libraries as they're already on my server.  The script I need just needs to pass all the relevant variables / call the right functions. 

      Could someone post such a script for me please?  I guess this should be quite easy for someone who wrote this - but looking at the code for the first time I'm not sure where to start.

      I think this ability could be very useful for people on shared hosting who wants to send a secure email from form submissions.  This is quite hard to do as most mail servers aren't set up with ssl.

      Many thanks again if you can help....

    • Tom

      Tom - 2005-12-30

      Sorry - my thoughts are still evolving - so I guess what I really want is a php script to log in and send a message to my *drafts* folder so that I can then view them later... or maybe to email on to a second GMail account so that they can be POPped securely.  Thanks.

    • Tom

      Tom - 2005-12-30

      OK - I was being lazy - working through libgmailer has solved it for me...  all working now.


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