m.gmail.com = Official GMail wap access

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I love this system, but it would seem that google opened their own mobile gmail access site. :(

    Ah well...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      does yours work? I can login but when I want to read an email or send one, its logs me out?

    • Abhishek Gupta

      Abhishek Gupta - 2005-12-24

      Well...It doesn't work on my phone because my network blocks any cookies...The main problem is with the cookie system...Probably the cookie is deleted from your phone after some interval.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yeah mine does too, I log in then go to read message then logged back out, then in again, it sucks. this is better.

      Nick the logo off them!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      gmail-mobile is better, i think.


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