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changing settings disables pop

  • speed9

    speed9 - 2005-09-20

    I am a frequent user of gmail-mobile and currently use the CVS version checked out yesterday (19-09-05, preview 17).
    I discovered that if you make changes in settings > general (page-size and stuff) from gmail-mobile you automatically disable the pop mail download setting, which in my case was turned on.

    Appearantly the pop setting, while not possible to change from settings > general, is accidentally disabled along with changes of other settings.

    • neerav

      neerav - 2005-09-20

      Thank you for alerting all of us about this problem.  Please file a Bug report.

      Just for your information, the pop settings will one day be added to Settings -> Forwarding and POP.

      Can someone who uses forwarding test if this problem also occurs if forwarding had been activated and then changes are made to general settings?



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