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Repository moved to git

The gm0 library has been switched to a git repository,still here on sourceforge

Posted by Robin Cornelius 2010-08-10

V0.1 of gm05 project released

The first full open source version of the GM05 project has today been released. Version 1 features a shared library and example application for windows and linux as well as COM/ActiveX object for windows and VB and VBA examples. Full source and WIN32 install packages are avaiable

Posted by Robin Cornelius 2004-09-16

GM05 Goes open source

The source code for the driver and examples programs has been released by Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd under the GPL. Over the next week or so all the gm05/vgm01 driver software, examples and documentation will appear here.

Posted by Robin Cornelius 2004-09-11