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GLUEscript 0.2.00 released

Today GLUEscript 0.2.00 is released.

Posted by Franky Braem 2012-01-27

GLUEscript 0.1.09 released

This release contains a new glue for mongodb.

Posted by Franky Braem 2011-04-27

GLUEscript 0.1.08 released

Today a new version is released!

Posted by Franky Braem 2011-02-18

GLUEscript 0.1.07 released

GLUEscript 0.1.07 is released today!

Posted by Franky Braem 2011-01-15

0.1.06 released

0.1.06 - Released on 17-12-2010
- Upgrade POCO to 1.4.0
- Upgrade SQLite to 3.7.4
- Solve bug 3137398: glue crashes on end when wx glue wasn't loaded.
- gluew added to run GLUEscript without a console
- First release of Data glue

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-12-17

0.1.05 released

A new release of GLUEscript which is now compliant to the Modules 1.0 standard of commonjs. See changelog for more information.

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-12-05

0.1.04 released

0.1.04 - Released on 12-08-2010
- Wrong line number reported on error on Windows
- JS_C_STRINGS_ARE_UTF8 is not needed anymore, JS_CStringsAreUTF8 is called.
- Windows: NSPR not included anymore because this resulted in a crash with Apache. NSPR must be build first, before building PocoSpiderMonkey.
- Switch back to SpiderMonkey 1.8.0 on Windows: latest code (which wasn't released yet is not bug free). Make it possible to build GLUEscript with the latest and 1.8.0 (defines GLUE_JS_180).
- Engine code is separated in a new static library. Hope one day, to make it dynamic.

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-08-12

Powered By Mozilla

GLUEscript is now officially powered by Mozilla:

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-06-15

Release 0.1.03

Release 0.1.03 contains a fix when a context is created: JSOPTION_VAROBJFIX is removed because it results in errors in "include" method.

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-06-13

New Release

Today GLUEscript 0.1.02 is released. Major change is that it now runs on Linux 64 bit (Ubuntu). Linux 32 bit is not yet available.

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-06-04

GLUEscript 0.1.01 - A bugfix release

GLUEscript 0.1.01 is released. It solves two bugs: one with the error property of curl.Easy and one concerning the Array and Date object (which was also detected with using curl)

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-03-25

GLUEscript 0.1.00

GLUEscript version 0.1.00 is released. Major change is that it uses the POCO SpiderMonkey framework.

Posted by Franky Braem 2010-03-19

GLUEscript 0.0.1 released

GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) is the successor of wxJavaScript. The new name covers the goal of this project: create a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language (like perl for instance).

Today the first release of GLUEscript is made public. This release contains glues for sqlite, mysql, curl, memcached, gd, ... With the apache connector it is possible to write server side webpages in JavaScript.

Posted by Franky Braem 2009-05-08

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