Port to the GP2X, Native OS is Linux.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How integrated is GL with the code? Would a port be possible to the GP2X? (http://www.gp32x.com , http://www.gp2x.co.uk)

    I am going to guess the answer is no, but if OpenGL or even TinyGL is written for this system would it be possible to compile for it?

    It has dual ARM9 cores @200mhz 32mb of SDRAM and uses SD cards as it's main storage. There is no 3D hardware, but as the screen is only 320x240 it isn't that important to have high resolution.The GP2X has quickly pulled ahead in the homebrew handheld category because of its fully open nature. SD is also inexpensive compared to memorystick. Price is a factor, with play-asia.com selling them for $169.99. USB host 1.1 means I can connect controllers and keyboard/mice as well as TV-Out in full resolution with a Conexant encoder chip standard.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      To Clarify, it has 64MB of SDRAM and there are some interestin things for 3D already being written for it.

      See http://archive.gp2x.de under the scene and techdemos area. Search YouTube if you want to see the demos run. I find them very impressive as a first attempt on a portable system.

    • Andreas Umbach

      Andreas Umbach - 2006-07-23

      Porting to a non-GL renderer shouldn't be too hard, I'm in the process of refactoring most of the graphics code anyway, so that should take care of having all the GL code littered all over the place (besides, who knows, for Windows Vista I might need a Direct3D backend, if they break OpenGL really badly).

      However, I have my doubts that the GP2X is powerful enough. I once had a 'dumped down' version of GLtron that ran OK on a Pentium 2, 450 MHz but it wasn't too pretty anymore. Now, I think the ARM chip in the GP2X is a lot slower than that.

      • Andreas
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      There is alot of progress with the gp2x hardware. as we have standard overclocking of up to 300mhz (ok still not much) and the MMU hack hading graphical accleration (making quake run at 50-60fps) this game is possible. but your right it would be ugly.


      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2006-07-29

        I wish their was a GP2X emulator for the PC, then I could run a few sample applications on it to get a better idea of its performance capabilities...

        • cgltower

          cgltower - 2007-02-06

          I think there is a PC gp2x emu, dont know where though. As for glTRON on gp2x a small software opengl implementation has been created (https://gna.org/projects/gpu940/). There is one game called egoboo2x on archive.gp2x.de that is the only opengl game on the gp2x. Im interested in porting glTRON to gp2x using GPU940 but have no clue yet. Probably need to strip fancy GL stuff and start from minimum features to get running. Apparently you can reduce graphic quality in glTRON menu?

          • Andreas Umbach

            Andreas Umbach - 2007-02-06

            glugears (a.k.a. glxgears) running at 20fps?

            .....MUAHAHAHAHA.....Sorry, I couldn't resist.

            I once did an 'ugly-mode' version of GLtron that was designed to run in software mode on a Pentium II-400 MHz (which gets heavily outperformed even by the ancient ATI Rage Pro, which I consider the worst performing 3d chip in the history of consumer 3d acceleration).

            I don't have such old hardware available, but I guess even a Pentium II could run glxgears at several hundreds of frames per seconds. Does anyone have an old PC running X who can verifty this?

            • cgltower

              cgltower - 2007-02-07

              Um not anymore. However, the gp2x has 2 x 200mhz ARM CPUs - sort of the same speed when combined I guess! But in regards to software only version - Im thinking gltron for gp2x just needs to be the most basic openGL version, not software-only (am I making sense or am I just confused?)
              The egoboo game I was talking about is this http://egoboo.sourceforge.net/
              Check out screen shots, from windows or linux versions. It looks the same on gp2x except no shadows, dynamic lighting, transparency, smoke, blurring etc no real effects because of software openGL used to make it run. But if you just remove those features and still have an opengl based gltron it sould be port-able. One more note, most gp2x's can be overclocked to a whole 250mhz on one or both chips making it just the game slighlty higher frame rate (probably means from unplayable to playable!)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I beleive somebody has made 1 (or is in the middle of making 1)


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