Problems with GLTron 0.71 and later (Windows)

  • Unseen Menace

    Unseen Menace - 2007-02-19

    I have been a fan of GLTron for some time now but only recently found this forum.

    1: GLTron 0.70 runs like a dream on my PC. At 1600x1200 with max detail and all the anti-aliasing, filtering options in Catalyst turned on I get a minimum of 80FPS. When I saw the screenshot of v0.71 with the reflections I thought it looked really cool but that version won't even run at all on my PC, it just flicks up a window and exits straight away, any ideas?

    2: When I saw the Post about v0.8 I grabbed that but whilst it does run, it runs really badly for some reason. The framerate is really bad at about 20FPS initially but when there are other lightcycles nearby that drops to something like 10FPS and if a cycle crashes nearby (mine included) it goes extremely slowly. I have tried turning down the detail levels (both in Catalyst and in GLTons ini file) but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Is this just a problem with my system or is it a problem with v0.8 generally?



    p.s. really looking forward to network play as I have gotten the wife hooked on this as well :)

    • Unseen Menace

      Unseen Menace - 2007-02-19

      I should probably also mention that I'm running Windows XP x64 Edition


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