Anonymous - 2012-08-06

Alright guys I have successfully used the code for the GL TRON Linux-based
operating system for mobile devices in a LAN environment and Windows x86. I am
able to choose what color bike and rename player 1, player 2, etc, to any
name. I have test this in with 5 others with Android phones system image 2.3.6
in a LAN.

So far, no control over game speed all set to normal in multiplayer. The Arena
Size in multiplayer is Large and the number of player is 6, this can be change
I have tried it with the max of 12 (6 player and 6 bots) but the crashes are a
lot faster. Also let’s say I only have 3 of my friends playing, I have added
bots to automatically take the missing space of a player.

Few things I need help with, everything. The code is not perfect. Someone who
is really good with code, and someone in the area of Los Angeles. I have a
team of 3 including me working on this and we could use a hand.

Future: moving this for a GL TRON app. update and broaden the multiplayer to
global not just LAN. I would like to add a team play mode.

If you’re interested please email.