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Chad Smith
  • Chad Smith

    Chad Smith - 2008-02-02

    I'm a little new to this game, but I'm a huge fan of Tron and Lightcycle games in general. I was just wondering what the current status of the game is, and if there was anything I could do to help. I'm not a programmer by any means.. I am a web-designer though, not exactly sure if my skills can come in handy or not, but I do have some graphical abilities.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I have the latest version you released for Windows, but I was wondering, since you already have linux versions available, have you ever considered porting GLTron as a script you can run via Xbox Media Center(XMBC)? That way you could play it on your big screen, and you could expand your game to a whole new audience. Just an idea though.

    Oh yeah, I was also wondering.. how exactly do I setup the mode where I can play against more than 3 AI players? I've looked everywhere I could think of.. So, any help would be appreciated.


    • Spottedfeather

      Spottedfeather - 2008-06-16

      I, too, have been wondering when a new version would come out. The main introduction of being a fix for the corruption of the gltronPrefs.txt/ini file that makes the game crash every so often. I love this game, and would love to see changes such as, perhaps, dialogue from the Tron movie, more levels than just the same square arena for every level. What about an view from inside the cockpit of the bike ?

    • Draken Stark

      Draken Stark - 2008-02-11

      The Xbox support has been brought up more than a few times. It's an issue that it'd require a conversion of programming languages. Best handled by hand coding the entire game from scratch again so I'm told. But I don't really know how much further this game will be developing. There's issues with the original programmer having a life.

      Life > GLtron = Looking for time or making other interests that are more fulfilling for his family.

      By all means, GLtron isn't dead. Just slow on development. If you wish to start learning how to code try out the whole Visual Studio C# 2005 by Microsoft and work on coding a copy of the game in a very basic form for the XNA game studio. start working from there and make it into your own game. Wouldn't deny that having GLtron on XBLA or the PSN would be the most awesome thing to hit the public since the halo hype. Consule gaming has been on a rise and now is about 60-90% of the gaming market compared to PC gaming in the past few years. Maybe it'll change once PC gaming gets a hit as popluar as Halo like Starcraft 2, WoW2, or w/e.


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