• Nobody/Anonymous

    I know this has been posted before, although not directly...

    I was thinking, a PSP port of this would be amazingly awesome! The PSP certainly has the capabilities to run GLTron, and it has such a nice screen...

    Does anyone have any idea how one would go about making a PSP port of this?

    I doubt I would be able to do much, but I would love to see GLTron ported to the PSP...

    Just a thought...

    A serious one though...


    • cgltower

      cgltower - 2007-02-06

      Im goin to revive gp2x thread... Im interested in porting - see gp2x thread for reasons why!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well, if Andreas is willing... he could contact Sony and see if he could get someone to check out this game of his. I think a good start with contact would be to look for PlayStation Underground. Dispite the name its an official Playstation group designed for public interaction.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      woah, woah woah! no! no sony!
      i'm talking homebrew! it would be much more convienient...
      we wouldn't have to deal with crappy UMDs, and we wouldn't have to pay for it! that's like the greatest thing about this game! it's free!


      oh, well, i guess it's just never going to happen...
      (but i have this awesome image of it in my head on the PSP)...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Dude, there's the ability to use the memory card to play games. And I'm sure Sony's not going to use a 1.something gig UMD on a three meg game.

      Anyway, it'll still be free and on the PSP, not to mention updatable. Being suported by Sony would also mean that it would be more compatable due to use of the real programming language and not an emulated one. Think about that idea.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      WTH you talking about Antgeth? I'd donate some money to see that!

      • Draken (on PSP)

      P.S. Whoever you are... are you accually from sony or like some wan'na be fannatic? I'd say more, but I'd rather not see this forum turn into an argument. I do love the idea of playing on the PSP. You just make it sound too good to be true...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What's your problem? Games can be emulated for PSP with a little work... Adventure Maker (by Gifted Minds) is an example of a company that took advantage of that....

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm not saying emulation is bad, it's just that my PSP is at version 2.81 already and last I heard homebrew was only working on 1.5-2.0
      Compatability with newer versions of the PSP is a major issue with homebrew and if Sony were to convert GLTron for the PSP thenselves everybody could play. More than likely if Sony were to choose to convert the game for the PSP they probably should use the .70 release due to the stability of the version.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >.< it's been a while....

      • Draken
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      id pay a donation fee if this ended up on a gp2x (possible) or a DS (unlikely to slow)

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2006-09-20

        I don't think it's possible to do it (with reasonably good image quality, and without resorting to writing a dedicated software renderer, possibly with lots of assembler-code) on the GP2x. The machine is just not powerful enough (it has no 3d acceleration).

        PSP development, on the other hand, seems to be getting easier by the day...


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