Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I had two guys from my band over, and we decided to play a bit of gltron in the quad-split screen mode.

    Two hours later we finally stopped playing, wauw...this is SO fun!!!!

    One of my altime best gaming experiences ever!!!!!!

    Thx guys....keep up the extremely good work!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Hooked-on-gltron

    • Joshua Bell

      Joshua Bell - 2007-01-07

      Indeed, let me add a "Thank You!"

      Despite being a software developer (well, manager now, but...) and very wired family, we're keeping our 4-year-old son fairly sheltered from computer-as-gaming-system. He has an old Macintosh in his room with productivity apps that he uses to draw pictures and write stories, and we have a multimedia laptop for him to watch movies and Sesame Street, but the only two gaming vices he gets to enjoy on an infrequent basis are Katamari Damacy and glTron.

      He's actually getting pretty good at turning, when his fingers don't wander off the keys!


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