• Nobody/Anonymous

    How i can add more playes than 4?
    And version was 0.70 windows.

    Or is there any versions where is example 8 players?

    Im not very good speaking english but i hope so that somebody understand what i try to say...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Do anybody can help me? this is important for me!
      GlTron is best game ever!

      My second post! :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry to break the news to you, but no current releases support any more than four players. On top of that you can only have them play on one screen (You can't play on or through a network.).
      Maybe, if Andreas is willing, we could have more players supported but... yea... 8 people or even six on a widescreen would be horrible >.< Just imagine the crowd at the keyboard let alone the computer's monitor. When we get network play working, that's when we'll have (if that) more than 4 players.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      its ok, but how i can at least get more than 4 computer players?

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2006-10-24

        I'll look into adding that as soon as possible, probably even before the next beta.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      it is possible when i was messing around i managed to get 2 player 2's and 1 of each of players 1/3/4 however when go into the menu it just corrupted and froze.

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2006-10-25

        It shouldn't happen, but I don't claim that the code is 100% bug free. If you manage to mess up the game so much that you can't use some menus anymore, just exit the game, delete the gltron.ini file, and try again. That should reset things properly.

        • Andreas
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Im may be stypid, but what i must to do now?
      Im not good whit computers...

      • Andreas Umbach

        Andreas Umbach - 2006-10-30

        Is the game still messed up?

        If so, double click on 'My Computer' and type in the address line

        C:\Program Files\GLtron\

        and delete the "gltron.ini" file. Then you shouldn't have a problem anymore...

        • Andreas
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      im out...


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