Gameplay Improvements

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, i´m a spanish fan of Tron world, movie, games, and all that, my favourite game is gltron, cause it has the best agility in movements is fast enough, and has a cool visual appearance and sounds great (the 2nd player bike doesnt sound when 1st die, but its ok). I´d like to suggest some possible improvements in gameplay i have been thinking on:
    - walls segments dissapears randomly: imagine that during game time sometimes regular portions of the walls that the cycles letf going dissapear randomly, i think this would be a refreshing part of the game, creating mazes and sudden exits for riders, instead that boring part of the game when riders jail themselves in a square of their own lines and never face again the others until the next game. i can imagine a lot more fun with this, and longer and surprising games. Also the walls could be broken by a crashing player.

    • A cockpit of the bike around the 1st person view: The feeling of being riding those gorgeous lightcycles would be great if a internal structure of the bike would be there around our head.

    • Readjusting the camera when looking at left or right sides (sorry my english hehe): I mean, when you are riding straight on and you turn your head left you can see the enemy, then you decide to turn the bik left to face him, but your head still looking at left side, so my idea is to readjust the looking at the side you were going to turn the bike. i hope you understood, lol.

    that is al for now, i really wish you could make some beta improvements like these. game would be funnier even ;)

    bye. Ismael

    • Jason S. Arencibia

      I understand about canceling "looking left" when the bike turns left, that would be a great idea!


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