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  • Krabby Krap

    Krabby Krap - 2007-11-11

    $ make
    make[1]: Leaving directory /home//svn/gltron/trunk/scripts' Making all in levels make[1]: Entering directory/home//svn/gltron/trunk/levels'
    make[1]: Nothing to be done for all'. make[1]: Leaving directory/home//svn/gltron/trunk/levels'
    make[1]: Entering directory /home//svn/gltron/trunk' g++ -o gltron gltron.o src/game/libgame.a src/input/libinput.a src/audio/libaudio.a src/video/libvideo.a src/configuration/libconfiguration.a src/base/libbase.a src/filesystem/libfilesystem.a nebu/input/libinput.a nebu/audio/libaudio.a nebu/video/libvideo.a nebu/scripting/libscripting.a nebu/filesystem/libfilesystem.a nebu/base/libbase.a lua5/liblua.a lua5/lib/liblualib.a lib3ds/lib3ds.a glew//libglew.a -lpng -lz -lGL -L/usr/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/lib -lSDL -lpthread src/audio/libaudio.a(sound_glue.o): In functionAudio_Quit':
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/src/audio/sound_glue.cpp:232: undefined reference to Sound_Quit' src/audio/libaudio.a(sound_glue.o): In functionAudio_Init':
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/src/audio/sound_glue.cpp:192: undefined reference to Sound_Init' nebu/audio/libaudio.a(SourceMusic.o): In functionSound::SourceMusic::CleanUp()':
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:93: undefined reference to Sound_FreeSample' nebu/audio/libaudio.a(SourceMusic.o): In functionSound::SourceMusic::CreateSample()':
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:68: undefined reference to Sound_NewSample' /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:72: undefined reference toSound_GetError'
    nebu/audio/libaudio.a(SourceMusic.o): In function Sound::SourceMusic::Idle()': /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:150: undefined reference toSound_Decode'
    nebu/audio/libaudio.a(SourceMusic.o): In function ~SourceMusic': /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:38: undefined reference toSound_FreeSample'
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:38: undefined reference to Sound_FreeSample' /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceMusic.cpp:38: undefined reference toSound_FreeSample'
    nebu/audio/libaudio.a(SourceSample.o): In function Sound::SourceSample::Load(char*)': /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceSample.cpp:34: undefined reference toSound_NewSample'
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceSample.cpp:37: undefined reference to Sound_GetError' /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceSample.cpp:41: undefined reference toSound_DecodeAll'
    /home//svn/gltron/trunk/nebu/audio/SourceSample.cpp:47: undefined reference to Sound_FreeSample' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [gltron] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory/home//svn/gltron/trunk'
    make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1

    • Andreas Umbach

      Andreas Umbach - 2007-11-11


      glu.h is part of mesa, Note: if you install Mesa after you installed your nVidia drivers, you may just have nuked your accelerated drivers and should probably re-install them.


      SDL_sound.h is part if SDL_sound. I should probably just include it with GLtron to save everyone the trouble of getting it, and compiling it with the correct drivers


      The error you're getting comes from gltron not detecting SDL_sound, so it's not linking it (I used to have a 'no sound' fallback in place but that must have gotten broken somewhere along the way).


      If you do a 'make clean && ./configure && make' it should compile now, because since you don't get any more errors for SDL_sound you obviously installed it.


      If you run the game now it'll not find its data files. Either do a 'make install' or do a 'make clean && ./configure --enable-localdata && make' to compile it for running from the current directory.

      Yes, the build process sucks a bit.

      And now, to let's move on to dashing all your hopes: GLtron isn't actively developed atm. I have two kids and I'm extremly busy at work...I 'try' to pick it up again, but so far I'm just lacking the time & energy


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